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Why Repairing Your Window Coverings Makes Sense (and saves cash)

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Window coverings in your home or business have a pretty tough job! They sit in the window all day and protect you and your furnishings from the suns U.V. rays, protects from intense outside temperatures, and offers you plenty of privacy from prying eyes. Plus, most of them get opened and closed many times per day, year after year! Over time, you may notice that they no longer operate as well as they did when they were new. We can help!

Let’s look at what goes wrong, and if you may want to consider a repair.


Friction is a big enemy of mechanical items and your blinds and shades are no exception. Continued use over the years can and will wear out lift cords, tilt mechanisms, cord control loops, cord guides etc.  The most frequent early sign of friction damage is the product not lifting, lowering, or tilting as smoothly as it did when new. When these issues are present, we suspect worn cord guides, cord locks, lift mechanisms and cords. These are issues that are repairable. Repairs with us start as low as $40.00.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure is common and a little easier to spot. When your product will no longer operate (raise, lower, or lock at intermediate height) or is visibly sagging or drooping on one side or both, we usually look at a mechanical failure somewhere in the system. Common failures are cord locks, tilter mechanisms, cords and tension lift motors. These are issues that are mostly repairable – depending on parts availability. Repairs with us start as low as $40.00.

Material Damage

Material damage is very common and can be caused by aging, the sun, environmental conditions, and accident. Our most common material damage is visible sun damage, which presents as a yellowing or oxidization of the fabric or window covering material, and sometimes glue separation on bonded materials. Another common source of damage is pets and children. Cuts, tears, and claw or bite marks are typical in busy households. Unfortunately, many fabric or material damage repair requests cannot be performed, but it’s always best to ask us first before throwing in the towel. Material we can frequently repair is wood and faux wood blinds. Repairs, if possible, are by quote only. Schedule a Consultation with us.

Stains / Dirt / Mildew

Window coverings spend a lot of time hanging around, which means they can get pretty dirty. We offer an Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning process that is designed for most types of window coverings and is very effective at removing dirt, mildew, and some stains.  This type of cleaning is safe for the majority of window coverings, and is the most effective method in the industry. This is a great option to rejuvenate your existing window coverings, or a nice compliment to any repair. Ultrasonic cleaning starts as low as $15.00, inspection is required.

So… is repair right for me?

We always like to entertain a repair before replacement if at all possible. However, not all window coverings are a good candidate for repair. We will inspect any shade prior to repair work to ensure it is in good condition and serviceable prior to performing the repair work. Additionally, we generally recommend not repairing a shade if the cost of doing so will exceed 70% of the cost of a replacement.

Let’s look at a fictional scenario:

Let’s assume you have a good quality, serviceable older honeycomb window covering, roughly 48” x 60”  that needs some basic work such as a record, a new cord lock, and cleaning (common repairs).

  • Record AND cord lock service – $60.00
  • Ultrasonic blind cleaning – $18.00
  • Repair TOTAL – $78.00

In comparison, a new, basic honeycomb shade (in our example size) from a good quality manufacturer will cost you $190.00 plus tax (and install if needed).

This means repairing your existing product is a minimum 59% cost savings. You save $112.00!

The Conclusion

Long story short, repairs are a great way to keep your existing window coverings working for you while saving you some real money. Give us a call or send us an email today to learn more about our services, and repair or replacement options to fit your needs and budget!

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