The Sound way to clean blinds!

Our ultrasonic blind cleaning system causes super energy-driven sound waves to create millions of tiny bubbles, which implode on impact. These bubbles impregnate all parts of the blind or shade, gently cleaning all the hard to reach areas. In other words, the ENTIRE blind gets clean, vanes, ladders, cords, and mechanisms. This highly efficient method eliminates the possibility of damage caused by old-fashioned hand scrubbing. After the blind is cleaned, it is put through our anti-static rinse, which reduces the re-accumulation of dust, dirt and other impurities.

No other process will do this!

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning | Peak Window Coverings

You purchased your window coverings to add beauty, protection and privacy to your windows. Don’t let dirt, bacteria, and grime destroy your investment. Waiting too long can cause deterioration and permanent staining. Get your blinds and shades cleaned professionally at least once per year. Give us a call to get started today. (719) 262-0626

What We Offer
  • Convenient customer drop off – at our shop
  • Pick up blinds and deliver them back to you
  • Serving the greater Colorado Springs area
  • Same day service available by appointment
  • Blind repairs
Need your blinds or shades repaired?

We can help! Check out our repair services for those who live in the Colorado Springs area, or how you can ship them to us with our Ship My Blinds service.


For ultrasonic blind cleaning or repair, you can drop off your blinds or shades anytime during our office hours.

If you need an in-home appointment, please call to schedule.