FAQs about our products:

What is a custom window treatment?

A custom window treatment is designed, fabricated and installed specific to a particular window, allowing for the proper projection, proportion and operation -not to mention beauty.

How do I get a price from Peak Window Coverings?

There are a couple ways to get a price.  You can:

  • Call to schedule an in-home or office appointment
  • Call with brand, style, and size for a phone quote
  • E-mail with brand, style, and size for a quote

What’s the difference between Blinds & Shades?

Blinds are made of either horizontal or vertical slats that have the ability to be rotated or tilted to adjust the amount of light and view.  Typically, they have the ability to be pulled up to the top of the window.

Shades are made of fabric material, that pleat or fold up, and stack at the top by a number of lift options.

What’s better – Blinds or Shades?

For the most part, the answer to this will be a personal one.  Some people like the look of Blinds, some like Shades. It’s a matter of personal preference.

But many times function plays a role in which covering is better for a particular window.  Blinds are a preferred method of adjusting light, as there are dozens of options in the degree of tilt and lift.  Shades don’t tilt but are typically better insulators.  Also, because they come in various fabrics and opacities, from sheer to blackout, they can be a better when only one is prefered.

How do custom products compare to off-the-shelf / cut-down products sold at big box stores?

Off the shelf / cut-down products are typically made to be disposable and should not be expected to wear, function, or look as good as a custom product, which is made to fit each window opening.  They are also made of inferior materials.  A good example is the plastic and vinyl used to make them will not hold up well to Ultra-Violet (UV) exposure, causing it to break down and become brittle over time.  Custom products have higher grade plastic and vinyl materials and will last longer.  Also, parts can be hard to come by for off-the-shelf / cut-down products sold at big box stores. As a result, when a simple part breaks, it’s time to replace the entire product.

What’s the difference between Blinds and Shutters?

Shutters are more architectural in look and design.  They do not have any strings and the louver blades cannot be pulled up to the top. Instead, the louvers rotate open and closed, and the panels swing open on hinges much like a door.  The louver blades are typically wider than the standard blind, as well as providing a better view.  Shutters can also last a lifetime and typically cost more than Blinds. But because of this, they add more value to your home.

Blinds, on the other hand, have strings that are used to rotate the blades and pull them up to the top of the window.  The louver blades are smaller, typically around 2 inches and the architecture of a blind is more simple than that of a shutter.  Blinds, by their nature, will not last as long as shutters.

What are the best coverings for a sliding door?

While almost any covering can be put on a door, functionality must be considered.  Typically a covering which slides is the best option for a door that is used.  You can choose from any of these products:

What coverings are available for odd shaped openings?

There are few different types of coverings that we can custom order for your odd shaped window(s).  They are:

All of the above are operable, to one degree or another, other than Solar Screens, which are fixed.

FAQs about our services:

How do I know if a Blind/Shade is worth fixing or not?

It depends on:

    1. How valuable the product was to begin with.  Typically name brands, like the ones we sell, are definately worth fixing rather than replacing. However:
    2. Sometimes a product has reached the end of its life due to age, wear, sun (UV) damage, etc.

If you need help determining these, call or e-mail us at Peak Window Coverings.  Tell us the style and brand of covering and what’s wrong.  We will give you our professional opinion and a price. (719) 262-0626

How often should I have my Blinds/Shades cleaned?

We recommend that you have your coverings Ultrasonically cleaned at least every 2 years.  Ultrasound gets out the embedded dirt and grime in places that hand cleaning can never do.

Click to learn more about our Ultrasonic Cleaning.

Will Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning (UBC) damage my blind/shade?

Ultrasonic Cleaning is typically more gentle than hand scrubbing. However, because UBC is a wet cleaning, it may not be safe for certain dyed fabrics.  It also may not be good to clean Honeycomb Shades more than 20 years old.  The glues used in manufacturing when that product was developed were inferior to what is used today and may de-cell, or de-pleat during a wet cleaning.  As for blinds, older (painted) aluminum blinds (mini-blinds, or the old 2″ style) may have oxidized (UV damaged) paint that will be removed by the UBC process.

What are some blinds or shades that can be used on sidelights?

Blinds for Sidelights

Anything that can be made within the size of the sidelight can be used. Here’s an example:

FAQs about repairs:

My corded blind (or shade) no longer raises or lowers properly, can you help?

Manually operated blinds (some shades too!) often rely on lift cords to raise the slats or fabric, to provide a clear view of the window. Over time these cords become frayed, flattened or fail all together. Just because a lift cord is no longer operating properly doesn’t mean the window covering is ready to be disposed of. A recorded blind will operate like new!

What we do: We replace all lift cords in most repair situations. Replacing just one damaged or frayed cord will not provide a lasting repair, and the extra cost is minimal! The telltale sign that cords need replaced is broken cords, flattened cords, or fraying along the cords length.

My blind or shade will no longer hold an intermediate stop position. What's wrong?

Lift cords can wear out and often cause the blind to self-lower, when stopped at an intermediate position (see question above). In addition, lift cords can cause wear to the cord lock assembly in the headrail, which prevents the cord lock from working properly. If your lift cords look to be in good shape (they will not be frayed or flattened) your cord lock is probably at fault.

What we do: Most cord locks can be replaced. We inspect for worn parts and determine the cause of the issue. Sometimes cord locks and lift cords are equally to blame, but we will repair only what is needed.

Why does my blind no longer tilt?

Tilters are either operated via a cord, or a wand. Sometimes, with wand tilt, the stem of the tilter will break off… this is very common, and will require a new tilter, or wand (sometimes both) to be replaced. If your blind tilts with a cord, the cord lock can be jammed or the cords can be unwound not allowing a full travel. These can often be adjusted, but sometimes will need replaced.

What we do: Inspection is key here. Not every situation requires a new replacement part, but visibly broken or worn parts will be replaced as needed with a quality replacement part.

My blind slats droop far down on one side, what causes this?

Ladder cords are responsible for the proper spacing of each blind slat. When ladder cords are broken, slats may hang down too far from the headrail, or slats may touch each other with unequal spacing present. If the uppermost slat is dropping too far, it might be a barrel, located inside the headrail.

What we do: We can re-ladder mini blinds, 2″ and 2 1/2″ blinds, but we will need to know how much space is between each slat, as not all ladder cords are spaced the same. Some ladder cord spacing is no longer available. Spacing is critical as too wide or too narrow of a spacing will alter the finished height of the product. If your ladders need replaced but we cannot source the parts we will repair (if possible) with stitching, or consult on a replacement product. Barrels can be individually replaced on most products, and we will inspect at the time of the repair.

I have a cordless blind or shade, and it can no longer raise, does it need replaced?

Cordless products are often proprietary to their manufacturer and repair parts may or may not be available. If your product was originally purchased from a big box store, or home improvement store, parts are likely no longer available, UNLESS it carries a recognizable name brand. We encourage you to email us before sending any cordless products for repair for verification.

My dog ate my blind, what can I do?

Dogs and cats often find blinds and shades a hearty afternoon snack! Just because its chewed on doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Don’t toss it without talking to us!

What We Do: We can re-slat most 2″ wood and faux wood blinds, but color selections are limited to a handful of popular colors, so an exact color match may not always be possible. If the blind is severely damaged, we suggest ordering new, which we can help you with! Honeycomb fabric (AKA cellular shades) cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced.

I ordered my blinds from somewhere else, but I mis-measured. What can I do?

We do cut downs on many popular products in both width and height. The width can be adjusted by about 1″ total on most corded wood and faux wood products, and some top down bottom up cellular shades. The height can be adjusted on most products as well, how much will depend on your product type. Roller shades can be adjusted for both width and height, with a few restrictions.

I have a shade that uses a continuous cord loop that is broken. What can I do?

Continuous cord loops and chains are replaceable.

What we do: We stock most fabric continuous cord loop sizes in white. Continuous chain loops can be replaced in stainless steel or plastic and are custom sized for your application. Several colors of chain are available. We sell the hold down mechanisms as well.

I have a motorized product that no longer works. Can you help?

Possibly! Our technicians are experts when it comes to motorized products, but we would ask you to contact us first to be sure the issues you are having can be repaired. Some motorized products cannot be repaired as parts and service are no longer available. Other repairs are easy (such as battery replacement) and we would love to help you solve the issues before sending them in. If you have a motorized product that needs work, please email us for assistance.

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