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What is all this junk?

What is all this junk? | Recycle Blind Parts | Peak Window Coverings

What is all this Junk? Well to you and most other people this probably does look like junk…but to us, it’s a treasure trove of tilters, lift motors, saddles, barrels and hardware, carefully salvaged from the blinds, shades and shutters we take down for customers!

Every year we remove a huge quantity of window coverings from customers’ homes and businesses and replace them with new, modern products. Most of the removed products have served their useful life as a window covering, but many can still serve a purpose outside of the landfill!

Every week our team sorts through the “take-outs” and we process what is salvageable as parts for repairs in other customer’s products. We save lots of mechanical parts, hardware and the obsolete odds and ends for our stock. In addition, we recycle the aluminum, steel and sometimes plastic associated with the construction of all types of window coverings. We estimate as much as 80% of some window coverings can be recycled after its useful life has ended either as parts for a future repair, or as recycled metals.

This is time consuming work! However, we think there is value in conserving our resources and reusing the parts and pieces (especially since many are obsolete) that would otherwise waste away in our local landfills.

If you are in need of repairs, hard to find repair parts, or are looking to price up your space with new window coverings, please feel free to reach out!

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