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No Touch Needed! Get Motorized Window Coverings Today!

Motorized Blinds at Peak Window Coverings

You don’t have to touch your window coverings anymore…at least if you decide to go motorized!

Motorized and smart products are the wave of the future. Honeycomb shades, roller shades, blinds and more…the future is here and with a touch of a button you can raise/lower them, tilt them and even control them with a classic wall switch, remote, smart phone or tablet.

Peak Window Coverings has been selling and installing motorized shades for over 3 decades. While previous generations of motorized shades have all been great, the flexibility, availability, and lower price points are leaps and bounds better than in years past.

Benefits of a motorized product:

  • Easy integration with other smart product in your home (via app control).
  • Inherently child safe operation (Best for kids and pets).
  • Timed operation available (Great for when you are out of town).
  • Multiple product price point to meet most budgets.

Are you interested in learning more about motorized window coverings and smart control options? Get in touch with us today!

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  • These motorized coverings have made me their fan; I am incredibly interested in all they offer. I will soon install these motorized beasts in my house, and I’m very looking forward to the prospect!

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