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6 Reasons Why Shutters Are A Bargain

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Shutters can be expensive…but also a bargain!

Can a product be expensive but also a great value? We think so…and we think shutters fall squarely into this category.

Let’s face it, quality shutters are not cheap. There are several reasons why shutters carry a premium over most other window coverings and we would like to showcase some of the reasons why.

Reason #1: Most shutters use premium materials.

At Peak Window Coverings, we sell several manufacturers that fabricate shutters, and these companies only use premium materials including composites, sustainable woods, and quality surface coatings (paints, stains, and finishes.) The better the raw materials, the higher the quality of finished product.

Reason #2: Shutters are basically furniture for your window.

Have you ever tried to build a table, a cabinet, a picture frame, or other furniture? If so, you probably realized after starting that there is quite a lot more that goes into the building process than first thought. Shutter manufacturers invest heavily in very specialized equipment to ensure accurate and repeatable dimensions for cuts and angles as well as equipment to paint/stain and finish. Shutters are arguably the most complex type of window covering to fabricate because of their required tolerance, the natural materials being used, and the plethora of options available.

Reason #3: Measuring takes practice…and time.

Most of us know that when we measure something, we need to take a couple measurements at different points to ensure a well-fitted end product. Shutters are no exception and we take extra special care when measuring for these products.

In a perfect world window openings would all be square, plumb and, well, perfect. In the real world we live in we must make adjustments for “out of square” situations, imperfect mounting situations, and countless other imperfect or impractical mounting scenarios. It’s very easy to make a mistake when measuring for shutters so we take extra time and double check every order.

Reason #4: Installing takes special skill…and time.

We would argue that most homeowners can install a blind or shade product. If you own a few tools and a tape measure you are 1/2 way there. Shutters are different in many ways. While it may be easy to set a shutter into a window opening, it’s entirely different to ensure it mounts square and plumb, will operates properly, and that the gaps are equal all around. We install hundreds of shutters a year, and we still plan for plenty of extra time for assembly, installation, adjustment, caulking, and touch up as needed. When we are complete, your shutter will look like it belongs where we put it, not an after thought or add on.

Reason #5: Shutters really are custom for each window.

Did you know most early premium cars (Porsche, Ferrari, Cadillac, etc.) were all hand built, and body panels were often hand fitted to each and every individual car? Maybe not ideal for production speed, but certainly great for a custom finished product. We think shutters are similar in many ways.

While most window coverings can be “fudged” on the sizing to a small degree, shutters are a product that must be precise for a proper and complete look. While a 1/16” gap in a roller shade will never be noticeable, a shutter with a 1/16” gap may as well be 1 inch off.

Our team measures shutters to an exacting degree at the time of order, and have a full in-house wood shop to modify or alter the ordered product for an exact fit regardless of the mounting situation or obstacle.

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Reason #6: They are there for the long haul.

Do you get tired of replacing cheap shades or blinds from the box stores every few years? Shutters have a very long usable life and often don’t need to be replaced for many many years. We have completed overhaul work on shutters that were decades old, but were still perfectly usable and in respectable shape. When compared to less expensive window coverings, shutters will need serviced or replaced at much lower frequency. More upfront costs with less maintenance and overall service life = better value.

Additional facts:

With a template, shutters can be manufactured in almost any shape of window imaginable: TRIANGLES,  HEXAGON, CIRCLE, SEMI CIRCLE, OVAL, and of course many more.

Shutters can be custom color matched to your project using Sherwin Williams Architectural coatings.

Many real estate professionals suggest that shutters increase a homes value more than any other window covering product. If nothing else it does wonders for curb appeal.

While shutters are not inexpensive, we think they represent great overall value. Quality shutters, like the ones sold and installed by Peak Window Coverings, start around $25.00 per square foot installed.

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