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Window Covering Safety and Why it Should Matter to You

Window Covering Safety | Peak Window Coverings

When we think of blinds and window coverings in general we typically think of them as home decor, a tasteful addition to our homes or offices that reflect our design preferences and style. Unfortunately, especially with older products currently in homes, there can be a hidden danger within those products that may not be obvious to even the most diligent parents or caretakers: Cords.

Studies conducted between 1981 and 2015 showed that nearly 17,000 children were hurt by window covering cords during the study period. Of those 17,000 children, 300 children were fatally injured. This is a frightening statistic, and one that should be addressed by anyone with children or pets in the home.

Why does this happen?

Window coverings as recently as the late 1990’s, were often supplied with cords that had no means of physical restraint to the wall allowing them to move freely. This unrestrained movement allowed children and small animals to become entangled and in the worst scenarios, strangled.

What is the industry doing to help this?

Window coverings have a come a long way in a short period of time. Although the study noted above had an observation period from 1981-2015, there are reported injuries going back to as early as 1945. Unfortunately, the industry did not have the technology or know-how or engineering capability until recently to manufacture products with greater safety. This is changing rapidly. It is speculated that many products will require full cordless control in the very near future.

How do we prevent this?

Personal diligence is the best start…Inspect your window coverings carefully. If you have products (new or old) that still have service life in them, and you find there is no chain tensioner or cord hold down, order a retrofit kit for your products here (Its Free) https://fulfillmentinnovations.com.

If your products are tired or in need of an upgrade, consider the many options we offer with cordless operation or child safe features, such as cordless honeycomb shades, cordless wood blinds, cordless roller shades, shutters and more. Our sales and installation professionals will help guide you for best fit, finish and operation.

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