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7 Reasons You can Trust Us with Your Window Covering Purchase

7 reasons you can trust the experts at peak window coverings with your purchase

We are window covering experts, but we know you probably aren’t!

Here are our 7 tips to making sure you get the best bang for your buck when you are in the market for a window covering upgrade, and why you can trust us with your purchase.

1. Start with a professional.

Big box stores are good at housing a lot of things to sell you, but window coverings are one of the many items an experts guidance can mean the difference with being happy with your purchase and regretting the purchase.

Blinds, shades and shutters, while seemingly simple can be difficult to measure appropriately, especially in odd situations, such as bay windows, specialty shapes, shallow mounting locations etc.. Professional outfits spend their whole day measuring, selling, learning and perfecting their trade, and we know it inside and out. This makes it easy for us to help you find exactly what you want, and advise on the best way to install it!

2. Know your budget, and be realistic about it.

Know what you are willing to spend before you get serious about the buying process. While you do not have to disclose this budget to the sales person, it is helpful for them in guiding you to the best product for your budget. Believe it or not, most sales people, at least at reputable retailers, will not try to sell you only the most expensive products, so disclosing your budget can be a very helpful tool in narrowing down the best product for you.

Being realistic about your budget is also very important, and it’s a good idea to have special options (motorized control, top down/bottom up, cordless etc. ) itemized so you can decide if the options you want fall within your budget and are realistic for your needs.

3. Know the difference between cost and value.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

Benjamin Franklin

Everyone wants the best deal, but understanding the difference between cost and value is very important. There are lots of cheap products sold, and there are lots of expensive products sold, but often they do not reflect the quality their prices may seem to suggest.

It’s very possible to have an expensive product be a great value, and a cheap product be a horrible one. Professional retailers know their products well and often have filtered out the products that do not represent a good value for their clients…at all price points.

At Peak Window Coverings, we have fine-tuned our product selections over 20+ years, and have the expertise to steer you in the right direction regardless of what price point you may be seeking. 

4. Ask Questions! Lots of them!

The world of window coverings can be daunting. In todays retail climate there are options, styles, colors, materials that were not even dreamed of 10+ years ago. As a buyer its easy to get overwhelmed. 

While the purchase of window coverings, for most people, does not represent a major financial decision, whole house projects can become expensive, and its paramount you, as the client understand exactly what you are purchasing.

Asking questions before making your purchase ensures you know every detail about the products you are interested in. Don’t know what questions to ask? Thats understandable…and that’s why companies like Peak Window Coverings are here to help. We know the questions that are important to our clients and have the answers before you have to ask them. We strive to educate as much as possible, as knowledge really is power. View some of our answers here.

5. Know your product’s lead time and how long it will take to install.

Before making your purchase, make it a point to understand the whole process. Lead times are often longer during certain times of the year when manufacturers are busiest. Understand your lead time on the products before purchasing. Typical lead time is 2 1/2 weeks on shades and blinds, and up to 6 weeks on shutters. So take note when ordering mixed product types as they will likely arrive at different times. 

Ask how long installation will take so you can begin to anticipate time off needs, baby sitters, etc.

6. Know who is installing your products!

You can have the best buying experience of all time, but the proof is at the time of install. Know who will be doing the work! Often times, especially with big box stores, installation is carried out by subcontract installers who do not work for the company you purchased your products from. While this is not inherently bad, subcontractors are not employed by the company who sold the products to you and are legally a separate entity. Enforcement of quality standards and professional standards can be difficult for the retailer. These subcontractors should carry insurance for accidents or damages, but surprisingly many are not insured or under insured. ASK QUESTIONS!

At Peak Window Coverings we have in-house installation staff. Our projects are completed by employees who work for us, and they must abide by our standards. This makes installation standards enforceable and warranty issues easy to handle.

7. Make sure your “close-out” paperwork is complete!

At the end of each project, once you are happy with your installation, you should be given what we call “close out” paperwork. This may vary company to company, but generally you should expect your receipt (always get a receipt) and your warranty paperwork. At Peak Window Coverings, we also include a customer-installer walk-through checklist to ensure that you have been shown how to operate your products, that you have been satisfied with the installation and clean up process, and that you have no further questions.

Keep all your paperwork safe and complete. Should the need arise to reorder down the road, get warranty service, or ask questions, you will know where to seek the information. Check out our Warranty Services.

Need more guidance?

Purchasing window coverings should not be a scary process. If you feel you need further information, please feel free to contact us…Local or not. We can assist you, and even provide recommendations on professionals in your area if needed. 

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