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Considering Shutters? Read This!

Shutters, with their fine furniture qualities, can be a beautiful addition to any home or office. Shutters are a low maintenance, durable product with a classic look that never seems to be out of style.

Long Lasting

Because shutters are a product designed to be in place longer than the average window covering (i.e. shades, blinds etc.) carefully consider your current décor AND your future décor. If you are planning a remodel in a year or two consider this when planning any window covering purchase, especially shutters.


While shutters are very durable and long lasting, we all know things go wrong. We’ve seen all kinds of shutter “accidents” ranging from puppies using the slats as a chew toy, cats testing their climbing skills, indoor basketball gone wrong… you name it. Luckily, shutters are not a throw away product, and they can be repaired and often rebuilt using original equipment parts.


Shutters have a misconception of being overly expensive, and often out of reach for many folks. While shutters are not exactly inexpensive, there are a lot of brand name products on the market that are more expensive than a quality shutter. For budget purposes plan to pay in the low $20’s/ square foot, for a good quality shutter and professional installation.


Shutters are completely free from cords, making them an ideal choice for families with small children or pets.


While shutters are beautiful and look seamless once installed, getting them to the point of perfection isn’t exactly easy. At Peak Window Coverings, we are all for DIY’ers doing their thing but, we do not consider shutter measuring, ordering or installing, a project well suited to the average homeowner. This is a good project to leave to the PRO’s! Peak Window Coverings has a team of shutter experts to assist with your project, from start to finish. We offer very competitive pricing (better than the box stores) and products that are second to none!

If you are considering shutters as an addition to your home or office, call us at 719-262-0626 for questions or for a no obligation and completely free consultation and measure!

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